Environmentally Friendly

All GOC products are completely biodegradable and free of any compounds of environmental or health concerns. With over 5 million hours of public exposure, GOC Tech has never had an environmental or safety incident of concern. GOC products have no negative impact on waterways or soils.

Science Based

GOC does not neutralize or mask odors. GOC utilizes chemical decomposition, addition, PH, and ionic reaction for the reduction and elimination of odor production. Each GOC formulation is designed to react with specific groups and chemical types of odors. Our internal laboratory allows complete testing of each of our products on real-world odors under a variety of conditions.

Results Oriented

GOC considers every situation to be unique. Our intent is to provide the products and applications that result in measurable reductions in odor and complaint levels. In our lab, we have the ability to test our products against site-specific samples and to customize accordingly. This allows us to create and maintain products with the maximum effect and efficacy of each client.