Bio-solids Odor Control with QuikSoil® 2900

QuikSoil® 2900 is an effective odor management tool for use in transport and off- loading of sewage bio-solids. In situations where bio-solids must be trucked through habited areas or where odor at the off-loading site is a problem, 2900 can provide meaningful reductions (60% to 80%) in odor with a single application prior to exiting the wastewater facility.

QuikSoil® 2900 contains no perfumes, oils, or fragrances. QuikSoil® 2900 is composed entirely of enzymes and co-enzymes. An immediate odor and emission reduction of 50% is typically achieved with a single application, with an additional deodorization of 10% to 30% occurring over 1 to 5 hours. 2900 may also be applied to truck and tire surfaces for additional deodorization.

Because a substantial portion of the deodorization occurs immediately, QuikSoil® 2900 is also helpful in controlling odor and emission levels inside the press room or building. QuikSoil® 2900 is available in a standard formulation designed to impact, ammonia and amines, sulphides, and VOC’s.

QuikSoil® 2900 requires no special handling other than avoidance of freezing. 2900 is totally bio-degradable and completely environmentally friendly. Spills may be washed away with water, and accidental discharge into local waterways is not harmful to wildlife and will not increase BOD or COD levels in the water.

The anticipated reduction in odor levels is based on 3rd party testing of specific gases and by olfactometer ratings of D/T’s (dilutions to threshold). Independent tests have shown an average 80% reduction in ammonia and amines, an 85% reduction in reduced sulphur compounds, greater than 85% reductions in VOC’s, and 70 % to 95% reductions in D/T’s.