Odor Control with QuikAir

Odors are compounds that have volatilized – transitioned to gaseous or vapor state.

That is why we can smell them. We don’t actually smell liquids or solids. We smell the portions of them that make the transition into the vapor state – making them light enough to travel in the air and into our nostrils.

The QuikAir® Vapor System releases deodorizer converted to vapor form. The deodorizer vapor moves at the same speeds and in the same direction as odorous vapors. This allows the deodorizer to stay in the air a much longer time, creating more opportunity for contact and deodorization.

The QuikAir® Vapor System uses pipe to transport an air stream filled with vaporized deodorizer along or around the perimeter of any area where deodorization is desired or required. The type of pipe is determined by terrain and weather conditions.

The vapor is created by a unique system that moves air across a tank of QuikAir® V2 deodorizer. The deodorizer is designed specifically to vaporize when subjected to air movement or minor turbulence. Heat is not used. The chemical is not “evaporated” in the normal sense of the word. The vaporizer unit contains only a motor and blower, a tank, and the vacuum system for creating the vapor and delivering it into the airstream. While some heat is created by molecular vibration at the surface of the liquid, the amount is minimal. This allows vaporization of the deodorizer without fractionation and separation of its components. The composition and functionality of the deodorizer are not compromised.

The ingredients in QuikAir® V are carefully designed to vaporize as a whole, retaining their integrity. This is why heat is not used. Heating any blend of volatile ingredients results in a loss of integrity because each component will have a different evaporation rate and temperature threshold. Using heat to create vapor simply separates the deodorizer back into its component parts.

QuikAir® V Deodorizer was created specifically for the process of vaporization by turbulence. It contains no propellants or alcohols, and its component parts are all approved for cosmetic use or greater by the FDA. People use most of the components of QuikAir® V every day in their homes and baths.