QuikAir® 0900 Air Contact Deodorizer

QuikAir® 0900 concentrate deodorizer is a new type of
atomization (misting) product designed for improved odor
management at large outdoor facilities such as landfills,
compost sites, and wastewater treatment facilities.
QuikAir® 0900 is specially formulated to weigh less than
water and evaporate at a faster rate than water. Still, it is
completely soluble in water, and can be diluted up to 2000
parts water to 1 part QuikAir® 0900.
During application, a significant percentage of QuikAir®
0900 separates from the water as a vapor, allowing it to stay
in the air a much monger time and increasing the chance of
contact with odorous vapors.
QuikAir® 0900 is designed to be effective against a wide
range of odorous chemical groups including ammonia and
most amines, VOC’s including aldehydes and ketones,
mercaptans, and organic acids.
QuikAir® 0900 is completely non-toxic, eco-friendly, and
100% biodegradable. All components are cosmetic grade or
higher. QuikAir® 0900 requires no special shipping or