QuikSoil® 2600 Concentrate (Also marketed as GOC 506 and QuikSoil® 506)

  1. Product and Company identification QuikSoil® 2600




GOC Technologies,  3910 W. Roll Avenue,  Bloomington,  IN 47403 USA


Phone: 1 812 334 2413    Fax: 1812 334 2415  E-Mail: [email protected]



  1. Composition / Information on ingredients


  • Chemical characterisation. The formula contains:


Amino acids, adenine, guanine, uracil, thymine, and cytosine nucleotides, and glucose, ribose, saponin and saponigen glycosides, and trace minerals. Other ingredients are proprietary.


  • Hazardous components:


CAS-No.             Name                                  max.%                 risk symbol       R risk sentences


This product contains no ingredients designated as “of concern”, hazardous, or toxic on any Governmental list in the USA, Canada, the European Union, Australia, or New Zealand.


  1. Possible risks


  • Risk reference: None.


  • Special risks to man and environment: None.


Note: May irritate eyes. Prolonged contact with liquid concentrate may cause dryness of skin. See section 15.


4. First aid  
* General recommendation N/A in normal operation.
* In case of inhalation N/A
* After contact with skin Wash with fresh water, remove contaminated clothing.
* After contact with eyes Flush open eyes thoroughly with fresh water. Get medical attention
    if irritation persists.
* If swallowed Drink plenty milk or water. Induce vomiting. Get medical attention.
* Information for physician Mineral ingestion may cause gastric irritation.


QuikSoil® 2600 Concentrate  
Issued 03-20-2016 Latest modification 03-20-2016



  1. Measures in case of fire


  • Suitable fire extinguishing agents: Water spray jet, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam depending on the environment.


  • Extinguishing agents not suitable for safety reasons: N/A.


  • Special risks caused by the substance or its preparation, combustion or released gases: None
  • Substances that may be released during a fire: oxides


  • Special protection equipment: Use the protection equipment that is usual for fires.


  • Additional information: None.


  1. Measures on unexpected release


*             Personal safety measures: Normal ventilation.


*             Measures to protect the environment: None required.


*             Cleaning measures: Flush small amounts to drain. Collect and return large amounts to container.


*             Additional information: None.


  1. Handling and storage


Handling the product.


  • Information on safe use of the product: May stain clothing and dry skin.
  • Information on protection against fire and explosion: Not flammable.




  • Requirements for storage spaces and containers: Use containers of polyethylene (PE).


  • Rules for storage together with other substances: None.


  • Further information on storage conditions: Keep containers cool and properly sealed. Prevent freezing. Observe the prevailing legal and administrative regulations for storage.
  • Storage class: N/A.


  • VbF class: N/A.


  1. Exposure controls and personal protection equipment


  • Additional information on engineering measures: No additional information, also refer to section 7.


  • Components with values relating to the workplace: N/A. Personal protection equipment.


  • Respiratory protection: N/A.


  • Hand protection: Gloves of PVC or rubber.
  • Eye protection: Safety glasses.


  • Body protection: None. Concentrate may stain clothing.


  • General measures for safety and hygiene: Do not smoke, eat or drink when working with the product.


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET                                                                              page 3/5


QuikSoil® 2600 Concentrate


Issued 3 – 20 – 2016                                                                            Latest modification 03-20-2016





9.  Physical and chemical properties  
  State   Liquid
  Color   Dark brown
  Odor   Mild detergent and organic odor
  pH value at 20 °C 2.5 ± 0.5
  Change of state    
  Boiling point   100 °C
  Flash point   N/A
  Ignition temperature N/A
  Explosion risk   Not explosive
  Explosion limits   Upper limit: N/A
      Lower limit:  N/A
  Density at 20 °C 1.11 ± 0.005  g/cm3
  Solubility in/miscibility with water 100 %
10. Stability and reactivity  
* Conditions to avoid Freezing of liquid.
* Substances to avoid Strong oxidizers such as chlorides and peroxides
  • Dangerous decomposition


  products None.
* Additional information None.
11. Toxicological information  
* Acute toxicity None.
* Primary irritation May irritate eyes. Prolonged contact with liquid concentrate
    may cause dryness of skin.
* Influence on sensitivity No known influences.
  • Further toxicological information



  1. Information on environmental aspects


  • Information on elimination (persistence and degradability):


The product is non-hazardous and non-toxic, completely water soluble, and completely bio-degradable.


  • Behaviour in the environment: Does not increase BOD or COD in waterways.


  • Aquatic poisoning risk: None.
  • Further information on environmental aspects: Does not create hazardous or toxic bi-products.


QuikSoil® 2600 Concentrate  
Issued 3 – 20 – 2016 Latest modification 03-20-2016
13. Disposal information  
* Waste disposal / product disposal: Non-hazardous, non-toxic.
* Uncleaned containers:  
  Recommendation: Empty the containers completely, wash with water and make available for
* Recommended cleaning agent: Water.  


  1. Information on transport


  • Overland transport ADR/RID: ADR/RID class Numeral/letter


Warning sign Risk no.


Substance no.

Product description                                      Non-hazardous fluid


  • Transport by sea IMDG/GGVSee: IMDG/GGVSee class


UN number


Packaging group

EmS number




Marine pollutant                                            No


Correct technical reference                       Non-hazardous fluid


Remarks                                                         None


  • Air transport ICAO-TI and ATA: ICAO-TI/IATA class


Subsidiary risk UN/ID number

  Packaging group  
  Correct technical reference Non-hazardous fluid
  Remarks None
* Further information None


QuikSoil® 2600 Concentrate  
Issued 3 – 20 – 2016 Latest modification 03-20-2016




  1. Regulations


  • Labelling as per EEC, AU, or US directives: N/A.


  • Symbol/Symbols of the product: N/A.


  • R sentences: (Concentrate)


36/38   Irritative for the eyes and skin


  • S sentences: (Concentrate)


26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.


28 After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap. 37/39 Wear suitable gloves and eye protection (concentrate).


  • National regulations:



Remark on labour restrictions Emergency regulation (OSHA) Classification under VbF Technical manual air (Ger.)




Additional information








N/A (In accordance with the mixing regulation of the administration directives for self-classification of the risk class of substances harmful to water VwVwS).






  1. Further information


This Material Safety Data Sheet follows the requirements of the directive 93/112/EC. The information contained herein is correct to the best of our knowledge at the date of publication and no liability can be accepted for any loss, injury or damage resulting from its use. It is intended as a guide for the safe handling, storage and use under normal conditions, but it does not necessarily refer to the particular requirement of the customer when further advice should be obtained.